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We’ll analyze your website with a mini-audit and SEO score. We’ll even provide you with an SEO plan to increase your rankings quickly. Scoring tools and mini-audits like this give you insight into how much work there will be to fix your website and get it to rank.

There are literally hundreds of ranking factors that marketers use to rank sites, and some of us have specific thresholds, so while scoring a 100 on an SEO Audit score, won’t likely mean you rank #1 for your search terms, there’s quite a bit more that goes into ranking websites.

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What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO Audit is a comprehensive report of all ranking factors that report issues on your website. It is a comprehensive review of various components of a website that when optimized will produce rankings. So this is a report you don’t want to miss. Typically an SEO Audit will provide insight into:

  • Site structure and architecture – the foundation layers of your website
  • Coding Issues and Errors – broken links, broken images, orphaned pages, etc.
  • Backlink Profile- Reviews the quality of current backlinks
  • Content – Reviews the use of keywords and targeting of them based on website industry and goals
  • Speed – Page loading times
  • Redirects – How links flow and if there are issues with it

These and many more factors are reviewed and errors will be reported. Fixing these errors is the first step to getting rankings online.

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 Why You Need An SEO Agency After an Audit?

As we mentioned, even if you were to score 100/100, there are so many other factors that happen off your website. Factors like links, and what Google calls E-A-T, Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness as indicators to website reviewers. At SEO.Agency, we have years of knowhow and can help you achieve authority and natural organic backlinks that you earn. We can help with content marketing that will help you earn these links by giving your site valuable content direction that will gain leadership.

How SEO Agency’s Services Will Grow Your Business

The benefits of using SEO.Agency for SEO services include:

  • Greater Visibility at the Top of the Results – Ranking in Organic and the Local Pack with drive in traffic!
  • Increases Conversions – If your business needs traffic, Our SEO will focus on getting higher rankings to increase your ROI.
  • Targeted Visitors– Proper keywords drive in the right traffic that will convert. We get searchers that are looking for the products or services you sell.
  • Be Seen!– We’ll increase your exposure, your traffic and the reputation of your brand,

All of our campaigns are customized based on the competition and complexity of your campaign and the number of locations you want to rank. We offer customized campaigns, not cookie-cutter SEO campaigns, so you can expect great results from SEO.Agency.

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